WEST YARMOUTH (CBS) – People are calling Cape Cod the “Bermuda Triangle” for package deliveries and wondering where their Amazon and UPS shipments went. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, people have ordered online like never before. But even now, some people are waiting weeks for their deliveries.

For Roland Pourier, it was foot soap. “You just feel like you’re being played, that’s all,” Pourier said.

For Laurel Galvin, a bubble maker for her nursery school. “I couldn’t figure out why,” Galvin said. “It’s supposed to be on the truck but it’s not there.”

UPS hub in West Yarmouth (WBZ-TV)

Both are talking about items they ordered from Amazon, that were to be delivered through a United Parcel Service hub in West Yarmouth where they apparently sat for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks past their delivery date, even as the tracking software promised their imminent arrival.

“Each day I was told that the product was out for delivery, and it never showed up,” Pourier said.

That frustration sent Galvin to the community Facebook page which was swarming with similar complaints from Cape neighbors.

“Then I’m starting to wonder, what kind of a scam is going on here?” Pourier said.

Some frustrated customers started referring to this place as the “West Yarmouth vortex” or even worse the “Bermuda Triangle” and some who called to complain were told that Amazon packages were no longer a UPS priority.

But a statement from UPS Wednesday night made no such reference, saying the, “vast majority of our services continue with the same time commitments.” UPS said the pandemic has triggered a Christmas-like surge in deliveries.

“In some cases they even said that the product was not delivered due to bad weather or a natural disaster,” Pourier said.

Unlike some other folks, Pourier and Galvin finally got their packages, but no real answers.

“I don’t know if I found out anything,” Galvin said. “I still don’t know.”

What they did get is a healthy skepticism about when their next package will arrive.

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  1. Kathi Fournier says:

    I think the same thing might be happening with the UPS terminal in Norwood. Am getting the same messages (“weather” or “natural disaster”) with 3 packages so far that are many days late. My Amazon driver deliveries, meanwhile, have been right on time when promised.

  2. Joseph Boro says:

    I have experienced the same problem for the last month. Daily promises of delivery including the estimated time. I was able to view the position of the truck in relationship to my home but no delivery. Received an email that due to weather or other emergency my package was delayed. One package was a week and a half late. I called UPS and they had the local distribution center call me. I was told they didn’t know why I didn’t get my package, but they would talk to the driver. Got the package the next day. The next package was at least two and a half weeks late with daily assurances that I would get the package. Finally it showed up but I had cancelled the order. The next package was a week late and was not from Amazon so the problem isn’t low priority for Amazon deliveries. Something has gone wrong at the Yarmouth distribution center.

  3. John Didsbury says:

    For me, a couple of packages were a few days late, nothing drastic. I think they are really jammed up as more people buy things online.

  4. Dave Thompson says:

    In the delivery business, the scan is more important than the actual progress of the parcel. Bosses are only concerned about what the scan reports say, not what is reality.

  5. Bud Chalecki says:

    Same thing happen in Western RI. Same delays, same weather messages, same out for delivery messages. My package was from West Marine, not Amazon. After a week I called the central operator and said I would pick it up. She said I could pick it up now (out for delivery was a lie) or I could wait until the end of the day. Sure enough, the package was delivered by a driver who had flown in from Alabama a few hours earlier and was driving a rental truck.

  6. Mo says:

    Being slowed down because of COVID is understandable. Being told it is on the truck out for delivery every day for a week is not. We are awaiting a couple packages not stuck in that loop that are not from Amazon.

  7. BB says:

    This happened to me as well, told for days the package was out for delivery, gave link to track the truck, watched it drive by my house several times over two days.. everyday was rescheduled due to emergency or weather…. finally called and was told I’d hear back in an hour… never received a call back… but the package miraculously showed up the next night at 9PM! Never had a problem with Fed Ex or Amazon, not even the post office… get your act together UPS!!

  8. cj says:

    Everything you hear is total BS. It’s not just Amazon packages – it’s everything they ship. They aren’t paying enough to keep enough people who will unload the trailers that come in daily. UPS has no problem charging you $10 to ship a 5lb package from 2 or 3 states away – roughly 8000 such packages in a tractor trailer load. Do the math….about $80,000 gross per trailer. Think there’s enough profit to pay for decent reliable help after they get through paying the electric bill, fuel bill, advertising, and executive salaries? They treat their low level employees like dirt – have been doing it for many years. Just be sure to tell your shipper to use Fedex or USPS and tell UPS to go to hell.

  9. Dale Eckerman says:

    I live in Chatham. UPS is absolutely the worst delivery company.

    A month ago, I shipped 2 cartons from Naples, FL to my residence in Chatham. According to the scans, the packages moved on schedule – 3 days – until they reached West Yarmouth. Then, it took 10 (ten) additional days to get delivery to my home. Day after day the tracking showed that the packages were “out for delivery” then not delivered. Each day they were recycled back to West Yarmouth. This is absolutely pitiful.

    Then, last week I ordered from Staples with a promised delivery last Thursday, June 18. Yes, they arrived in West Yarmouth on June 17 for on-time delivery. As of June 22, the shipment has not arrived. The UPS tracking each day states “Your package has been delayed due to events beyond our control.” Well, if it is not UPS’ fault, then who is to blame? Perhaps the blizzard this past weekend? It is absolutely the fault of UPS and the West Yarmouth Manager should be FIRED.

  10. J says:

    Here’s my hostage story: As many above, I ordered several items from amazon that were stuck in West Yarmouth for two weeks with the ‘natural disaster’ comment several times. Before the end of May at the “hight” (I hope) of the pandemic, I would get my package in 2 days on average. Now in June, we have this situation. Unfortunately, before I realized there was an issue I had ordered a fan from Amazon as well, so I assumed I would be waiting two week or so for that as well. Thankfully, that fan arrived in 2 days, the other box took 2 1/2 weeks. What was the difference? The fan was in the manufactures box with no sign of the traditional Amazon packing tape or box — the other box was clearly from amazon with all the traditional wrappings. It was also as flat as a pancake. Very disappointing. Amazon is aware, and they are not working with UPS. UPS is aware, and could care less that they are impacting their end-customers negative.

  11. Lilly873275 says:

    Heard that there were a bunch of tractor trailers lined up waiting to be unloaded in Yarmouth, and the packages transferred to the local delivery trucks. But there is a great article in the Economist magazine of what went really wrong. It was just pure volume of orders and their air freight was also delayed. All thanks to our COVID-19.

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