By Lisa Gresci

SALEM, N.H. (CBS) – The stay-at-home order in New Hampshire will be lifted at 11:59 p.m. Monday and it comes with the largest wave of reopenings so far in the state.

Gyms, libraries, funeral homes, museums and pools are among the many industries now open again with restrictions because of the coronavirus.

And if you’re heading to the gym, it’s going to look and feel a little different.

A member works out with a mask at the Workout Club of Salem, NH. (WBZ-TV)

You have to wear a mask and take your temperature upon arrival.

“We are abiding by the state regulations and we take it very seriously,” Laurie Moran, the general manager of the Workout Club of Salem, told WBZ-TV.

There is also plenty of hand sanitizer and spray to grab. And if you happen to forget to use it, reminders are posted everywhere you turn.

“You have to wear a mask entering and exiting the building. If you are exercising you may take your mask off. During your break period whether it be in between sets or if you’re going to socially distance talk to somebody, we ask you to put your mask back on,” Moran said.

“They are doing all they are supposed to do as far as I’m concerned,” said gym member Karen Burtt. “They’ve done a real good job here. I have to say everything is clean and sanitary and they are being really careful, so I feel safe.”

A member gets a temperature check at the Workout Club of Salem, NH. (WBZ-TV)

Burtt and other members finally feel like they can get back to their routines again.

“Hip hip hurray! That was my reaction,” she laughed.

Whether the “quarantine fifteen” is real for members or not is still up in the air. If it is, now they can work to lose it.

“Absolutely! 100 percent, yes. Maybe not 15, let’s just say 7!” Moran said.

Next in line to reopen in New Hampshire — day camps. Those will reopen in one week on June 22.

In two weeks, indoor movie theaters and amusement parks will be allowed to reopen.

Lisa Gresci