BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady’s never spoken like somebody who’s worried about what little time he may have left in the NFL. But he may be starting to act like it.

The quarterback who will turn 43 years old prior to the start of the 2020 season has not wasted any time catching up to speed with his new offense in Tampa, and he hasn’t let the social distancing challenges stop him from wisely using his time.

“I was also told by another player, ‘Look, he’s not waiting. He is aggressive. He is becoming our leader. It’s happening right now even though we are not together on a regular basis as a team in person.’ He has been able to do that, and that is quite impressive,” Mike Giardi reported on NFL Network on Friday. “This is something I think all the Buccaneers are looking forward to when they finally get together on the field.”

Giardi also said that Brady has been a magnetic presence among his new teammates, who are likely eager to work with a six-time champion and a living legend.

“Brady is the Pied Piper for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Giardi said. “This isn’t to disparage what Jameis Winston did there, but Brady is drawing all kinds of attention from his teammates for the energy that he is bringing not only in these workouts that he has organized. But also I was told he is lighting up the Zoom meetings: intelligent questions, personality, engaging with teammates. This is exactly what they need.”

Provided the NFL season takes place as scheduled, all eyes will be on Brady as he tries to prove he can succeed at that age and without Bill Belichick. It looks as though that he’s not wasting much time to put himself in the best position to succeed.

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  1. Steve Dolan says:

    He’ll only go 9-7 in Tampa.

  2. Frank DeLorey says:

    Good luck Tom…I hope they win the Superbowl!

    1. Linda Carter says:

      Agree yes Super Bowl Go Bucs!

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