BOSTON (CBS) — Earlier this week, the New England Patriots released a statement expressing a desire to be a part of positive change in this country and the local community. On Friday, Robert Kraft and family backed up that statement with a significant financial promise.

The Kraft family announced that it has pledged $1 million “to local grassroots organizations — chosen in collaboration with Patriots players — that are fighting for equity, working to end systemic racism and creating meaningful change in our community.”

The donations will be made in $100,000 monthly donations to different causes, spread out over the coming 10 months.

The announcement also said that each organization will be invited to Foxboro to provide further education to leaders within the Patriots organization.

“Change always begins with listening and learning,” the announcement said. “These organizations will be invited to speak to our executive staff and senior management across the Kraft Group businesses so we can learn about their work and continue to grow in knowledge and awareness, especially among those in leadership positions.”

The announcement concluded: “Our eyes, ears and hearts are open.”

Earlier on Friday, the Patriots quote-tweeted the video of NFL stars — including Stephon Gilmore — with the statement “Black Lives Matter.”

Earlier in the week, the Patriots’ team statement said “We will not rest on statements, because words without actions are void. Rather, we will work harder than ever before – through our philanthropy, community engagement, advocacy and supporting the work of our players – to build bridges, to promote equality, to stand up for what’s right and to value ALL people.” Just three days later, that action has begun.

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  1. M40 says:

    And I pledge to tune out until Kraft stops funding Marxist terrorist organizations.
    These players pretend they aren’t disrespecting the flag…. while kneeling in deference to a mob of Marxist lunatics who are chanting things like “Death to America!”, and “Burn it all down!”.
    Furthermore, that same group is vandalizing, looting, and burning homes and businesses. And worst of all, they are beating and murdering people in the streets.
    Sorry, but they ARE disrespecting the flag. they ARE kneeling in deference to a mob that HATES America. They shouldn’t even be using the name “Patriots”.

    1. bobbyfischerwasright says:

      you should have tuned out when he was using his Negro Fellon League planes to fly marxist gun grabbers behind the j3w gun grab parkland “shooting” h0ax around the country
      or when he was fling his players like Tom brady to that marxist z1onist terror state of his that attacked the USS Liberty and did 911 to train with IOF (IDF) terrorists
      or just when you found out he was a j3w ,like almost all sports ball team owners

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