BOSTON (CBS) — Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley criticized President Donald Trump’s handling of protests that have broken out across America and sometimes turned violent in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. The representative from Boston told CBS This Morning Wednesday she doesn’t care what Trump “or anyone a part of his corrupt administration” thinks about police brutality and racism.

“Depending on the moment, Donald Trump has been either a hapless bystander or an inciter of violence,” Pressley said. “Someone who refers to my community as ‘the blacks’ is not anyone who I am listening to at this moment.”

Trump has declared aggressive action against violent protesters and said he’s the “president of law and order.”

“He is completely callous, disconnected and removed from the hurt and the trauma,” Pressley said.

Pressley has introduced a resolution against police brutality in the House of Representatives. She said the last such resolution was introduced in 1999 and failed.

“I cannot begin to approximate the number of black lives that have been lynched, brutalized, murdered, surveilled, profiled from 1999 to now,” she said. “There is unrest everywhere and it will persist for as long there is unrest.”

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    When did Steve Harvey get elected to office in Massachusetts?

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