BOSTON (CBS) — Rob Gronkowski is now a full-time Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He is no longer a WWE champion.

The All-Pro tight end-turned pro wrestler-turned NFL tight end had been holding the WWE’s 24/7 title for 58 days, after he pinned his pal Mojo Rawley at WrestleMania in early April. A few weeks later, he came out of retirement and was traded to the Bucs to play with Tom Brady, all the while maintaining possession of the belt.

Unfortunately for Rob, the longest reign in the history of that belt came to an end on Monday, when Gronk’s supposed friend Goon set up Rob to be pinned in the backyard by R-Truth, who was disguised as a gardener in Gronkowski’s lovely backyard in Foxborough.

That was … something.

For R-Truth, that marks the 36th time he’s earned the 24/7 belt, adding to his own record.

For Gronkowski, that marks the end of his reign as a WWE champion, as he turns his focus now to the NFL.

“You gotta be serious, man. You got a new career starting,” Gronk’s double-crossing pal said as Rob made his best attempts to display agony and distress. “Come on, let’s go. You’re with the Bucs now. Come on, let’s do this.”