BOSTON (CBS) – Health officials announced 326 new coronavirus cases and 48 more deaths in Massachusetts on Monday. The Department of Public Health said the total of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state is 97,291 and the confirmed death toll is 6,894.

For the first time, the state also released a newly reported piece of data: probable cases and deaths dating back to March 1. There were 3,514 new probable cases and 141 probable deaths reported Monday. With that, there have now been 100,805 total coronavirus cases and 7,035 deaths in the state.

Probable cases are individuals who were not given a standard test but they tested positive for the antibody and had COVID-19 symptom or they have not been given any type of test but had COVID-19 symptom and was exposed to a known positive case. Probable cases also include individuals whose death certificate says coronavirus even though they were not tested.


There have been 599,919 people in Massachusetts tested for coronavirus, with 7,066 new tests reported in the last 24 hours. A total of 45,680 people have taken an antibody test.

As of Monday, there are 1,747 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, which is a decrease of 77 patients from Sunday. There are 404 patients are currently in ICU.

Middlesex County has the most cases with 22,224 followed by Suffolk County with 18,581 cases, and Essex County with 14,721.

There have been 18,468 cases in people under 30, 45,693 cases in people between 30-59, 13,132 cases in people between 60-69, and 23,170 cases in people over 70.

The average age of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts is 52.

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  1. Richard says:

    So now they are reporting “probable cases” to inflate the number of MA cases on the national scale so that frauds like Maaaahty Walsh and Charlie Parker can impose more concentration camp restrictions, but allow looting, rioting, and attacks on the innocent with a mandate that these criminals MUST wear a mask to not catch a cold. This is disgusting. There were only 326 cases, but with “probable” (i.e.; a bundle of nonsense) we left-winged dogs increasing it to well over 3800 for “Oh My God” reactions. This has to stop. We have not topped 100K, we are below that, probable means speculation, ambiguity, nonsense. I have a probable pain in my neck. I have a probable tickle below my belly button. I have a probable girlfriend. I have a probable date. I have a probable ingrown toe-nail.

    1. Jihan says:

      Actually this was required by CDC guidelines. Connecticut did this also. CDC required this from all states. This is to more accurately portray the number of cases. You obviously did not read the report notice today.

    2. Matt says:

      If you take total deaths over the last two months, and subtract out the official coronavirus deaths, you get a number that’s still substantially higher than the average number of deaths over that period from the last 5 years, so it’s likely coronavirus deaths are still being undercounted (Admittedly, some of the deaths could becaused by side effects of shutting things down as well – if people are less likely to see their doctors for “minor” but concerning issues, or put off non-urgent procedures, those could also cause the death rate to increase, and suicides might have increased, people may not be taking as good care of themselves, etc, though presumably auto accidents, at least, have decreased).

    3. Beavis says:

      I thought “what is this guy on about?”…then I saw the “probable girlfriend and date part” ……it’s ok buddy. I promise if you work on yourself you won’t stay lonely forever.

  2. hex seven says: this site helps understand how things are going state-by-state

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