BOSTON (CBS) – There will be no olive branch between Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Portnoy and Barstool have a now infamous rivalry with Goodell, stemming back to Deflategate and the suspension of Tom Brady.

When Goodell announced during the NFL Draft that the person who won an auction to benefit coronavirus charities would have the chance to watch Monday Night Football at his home, Portnoy went to work and won with a bid surpassing $250,000.

But Friday night, Portnoy posted on Twitter that the NFL alerted him he would not be allowed into Goodell’s home because he did not pass a background check due to a series of run-ins with the league. Among other things, Portnoy was arrested during a “Free Brady” protest at league headquarters, snuck into Super Bowl media night, and was later dragged out of the game by security.

“We knew it was going to happen,” Portnoy posted on Twitter Friday night.

Portnoy said the NFL told him his credit card will not be charged and the league will donate the amount to the charities.

“You did the research on me? You don’t have to do the research on me. You have a file on me the size of Niagara,” said Portnoy. “People are like ‘Oh. Roger Goodell will play ball. He’ll make himself look good.’ I told everybody, Roger Goodell has no self-awareness. No sense of humor. Doesn’t know how to deal with a brain like this.”

“I won it fair and square and they say no. Why? Because they’re afraid of me. They’re afraid of the brain. And they’re not going to have some fun with it.”

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  1. Rob Young says:

    I’m sure Portnoy would like the NFL to admit that they eventually figured out that it was impossible for the Patriots to have cheated, and that Goodell decided it was better business to have a controversy and penalize the Patriots. Sadly, Portnoy is going about it wrong. He should read “Catching the Accusers” ( and/or reach out to me for help. By accident, the NFL’s created essentially a giant sudoku puzzle: they deleted huge amounts of crucial information from their report, but still managed to leave behind enough information in the report and the appeal hearing transcript to prove everything the NFL knew and did. With my help, Portnoy could call attention to each outrageous thing the NFL got away with that the Patriots should have noticed but didn’t. Eventually the larger press an be enticed to pick up the issue and hold Goodell accountable. Is anyone out there who knows how to get Portnoy’s attention or get a reporter to take this issue seriously? Please help the truth be told.

  2. Brady Cheaterson says:

    The Patriots are cheaters! Why did Tom Brady destroy his phone? How many times must the Patriots get caught before their fans admit to how shady the organization is? The Legacy is TAINTED! Sorry if that offends some people.

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