BOSTON (CBS) –The Red Sox are stepping up and will reportedly pay all of their minor league players $400 a week through August, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

That means minor leaguers not currently on the Boston 40-man roster will receive the $400 stipend through what would have been the end of the minor league season. Major League Baseball had committed to paying minor league players through the end of May, leaving it up to individual teams to extend salaries beyond the end of the month.

Minor League Baseball is one of the many businesses decimated by the coronavirus pandemic. Teams started to release hundreds of players from their farm system on Thursday, and those cuts hit the Red Sox on Friday, with the team releasing 22 players:

Pitchers (10): Matthew Gorst (RHP), Alex Demchak (LHP), Dylan Thompson (RHP), Robbie Baker (RHP), Chris Machamer (RHP), Connor Berry (RHP), Eddie Jimenez (RHP), Kelvin Sanchez (LHP), Zach Schneider (RHP), and Mason Duke (RHP)

Catchers (3): Joe DeCarlo, Samuel Miranda, and Breiner Licona

Infielders (5): Nick Lovullo, Juremi Profar, Korby Batesole, Andre Colon, and Nilo Rijo

Outfielders (4): Edgar Corcino, Keith Curcio, Trenton Kemp, and Marino Campana

While some of those players would have likely been released at the conclusion of spring training, the likelihood of the 2020 minor league season being canceled has led teams to cut many more players than usual.

There has been no official decision on the fate of minor league baseball in 2020, but the sheer number of cuts from around the league will likely have a lasting impact for years to come.

There is also no return date set for Major League Baseball, with the league and the MLBPA in a fierce standoff over further player salary cuts and the proposed number of games when play resumes.



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