BOSTON (CBS) — Someone is now the proud owner of a fancy Super Bowl LI ring. It only cost them a cool $1,025,000.

At least that large sum of cash went to a great cause. The ring now has a new owner after Patriots owner Robert Kraft put it up for auction as part of the All In Challenge, which helps raise money to feed those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

That winning bidder can now show off a ring from the most exciting Super Bowl ever. The championship bling is made up of 283 diamonds to commemorate New England’s historic comeback from a 28-3 deficit against the Atlanta Falcons for the franchise’s fifth title. It will be quite the conversation starter for the winning bidder.

As for Kraft, he’ll have to make do with his five other Super Bowl rings as Patriots owner. (Unless Vladimir Putin still has one, in which case Kraft is down to just four.)

The auction for Kraft’s ring began on March 10 with bidding starting at $75,000. The winning bidder also gets to visit with Kraft in his Gillette Stadium office and join the Patriots owner for a meal. They’ll get to that meeting in style, either getting a ride from the team to Foxboro (if they’re local) or a flight on one of the Patriots’ famous AirKrafts if the winner is out of state.
So far, the All In Challenge has raised over $45 million with over 400 celebrities and athletes donating unique experiences or items to the cause.

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