BOSTON (CBS) – A new wave of businesses will be allowed to reopen Monday, May 25 as phase 1 of the state’s four-phase coronavirus reopening plan begins. So what will be open?

• Personal services – hair salons, barbershops, pet grooming (curbside drop off/pick up) – all by appointment only

• Car washes – exterior washing only

• Laboratories and life sciences facilities

• Offices (not in Boston) but must be less than 25% maximum occupancy; work from home strongly encouraged

• Retail for remote services and curbside pick up

• Marijuana shops using curbside pickup

• Beaches, parks, drive-in theaters, athletic fields and courts, outdoor adventure activities, most fishing, hunting and boating, along with outdoor gardens, zoos, reserves and public installations – all with guidelines

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• Day care: Childcare operating at reduced capacity and on an emergency basis for children of workers with no safe alternative to group care

Gov. Charlie Baker announced details of the plan on May 18. That day, places of worship along with manufacturing and construction businesses were able to reopen with precautions in place.

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On June 1, offices in Boston can reopen at 25 percent capacity.

There are no dates yet for the other phases, but Baker said each phase will last at least three weeks, but could last longer, based on public health data on coronavirus cases.

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  1. Patty Miller says:

    I want to know why a car wash had to ever be closed? Are they afraid that the soap wouldn’t stop this hoax virus from China and Wuuuuhan? Now we can go on a golf course, but we cannot remove the flag? Is that because black racist Ayanna Presley (unopposed in the coming election, a disgrace) is against a white sport (to her)? And is it of any surprise that community organizer, Maaaaahty Walsh, is from Dorchester, and Dorchester has the highest number of cases in Boston? Either a court of law over-rule this puffy faced alcoholic, or just have him live where he came from so that the Feds can isolate that area of Boston. The cure to Covid-19 is to recall Charlie Parker, Ayanna “Bald” Pressley and Maaahty Walsh.

  2. moscow mitch GOP traitor says:

    yikes patty miller is a right wing crypto fascist. go move down south with your fake christian and gun fetish collectors

  3. DJP says:

    She seems nice

  4. Donna says:

    It’s ridiculous all gyms are closed. There are people that need the gym for their mental health. It’s not right the whole state is being punished due to a few big cities. The gyms really need to be
    Talking about crimes, alcohol, drugs rising well people suffering from addictions belong to a room.

    1. Geoffrey Lanigan says:

      I need the gym for therapy reasons. need a professional type treadmill and other leg related equipment for therapy if i want to be able to walk normally after surgery on both legs. I cannot afford to equip my house with what is needed.

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