BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced 1,512 new coronavirus cases and 113 additional deaths in the state on Saturday. Health officials said there have now been 84,933 total cases with 5,705 deaths to date in the state.

As of Saturday, there are 2,692 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, a decrease of 75 patients from Friday. Three percent of all current cases in Massachusetts are hospitalized.

There were 12,410 new tests reported in the last day, for a total of 448,089 people in Massachusetts who have been tested for coronavirus.

The average age of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts is 53.

A total of 17,989 residents and staff at long-term care facilities in Massachusetts have tested positive for coronavirus. As of Saturday, 3,487 residents in those facilities have died from the virus.

Middlesex County has the most cases with 18,883, followed by Suffolk County with 16,346 cases, and Essex County with 12,314.

  1. Matthew Hall says:

    These numbers are being inflated just to keep MA residents under control—-there is no way this is correct, unless Marty and Charlie Card Baker is keeping the spread alive by forced facial mask transmission. There should be some accountability and proof with these numbers (we do know during the surge lie that numbers were added from weeks before, from which Maaahty Walsh slipped that in with 1 sentence during his das Führer news conference with the complicit media purposely ignoring that). They are counting “common cold” coronaviruses along with this Sars-Cov-2 that China and the WHO wants to call Covid-19, also a coronavirus. The charts on Google show one day with 4000 cases, which were 2 days counted as one, a deliberate error. I have no doubts at all that non-transparency with bills in Massachusetts Forced Health Insurance Scheme leads non-transparency to the truth in cases. Watch tomorrow, a Sunday, the number of cases will be cut in half.

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