By Bill Shields

YARMOUTH (CBS) — The beaches in Yarmouth have reopened, but the town’s board of health said they are not on board with the decision.

During the first week of April, the Yarmouth Board of Health decided to close the beaches due to the coronavirus pandemic. They said the move was backed by science and Gov. Charlie Baker.

“During this time, the Governor had a stay at home order, so the Board took those precautions,” said Board member Bruce Murphy.

But, last week, the town selectmen went against the Board of Health and ordered the beaches to reopen.

“It’s kind of a balancing act between personal rights and protecting the public,” said selectman Norm Holcomb. “If they wanted the ability to move out and into public areas, they need to take responsibility for themselves.”

Murphy said, “It is a tough balancing act but on the other hand the last week the Board has been working on opening the beaches.”

Yarmouth has 101 cases of coronavirus as of Monday. Officials are watching the numbers closely as the weather warms up and visitors come to the beaches.

Bill Shields


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