By Nick Emmons, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – It was supposed to be a big summer for concerts at Fenway Park with acts like Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and Aerosmith set to perform. But then coronavirus happened.

Now, with strict social distancing guidelines and large events being canceled in the city, people like Ken Healy, who already purchased tickets, are wondering if they can get refunds for shows that may never happen.

Healy purchased anywhere from four to eight tickets per show, which adds up to about $8,000. He purchased the tickets before coronavirus broke out, and shut down much of the country. That $8,000 was expendable income a few months ago, now Healy says he could really use it since his auto business has taken a hit. He says it’s, “what I need to keep my business alive right now. My business is down 70% over last year.”

When he tried to call Live Nation about a refund, he was directed back to the Red Sox, or the MLB Ticket Exchange. Healy says he spent hours on the phone and couldn’t get a straight answer. “Nobody at the Red Sox, Live Nation or MLB would give us a straight answer on how we’re gonna get our money back,” he said.

Live Nation tells WBZ that they are offering refunds for concerts that have been rescheduled or canceled, but the Red Sox say only two acts, James Taylor and Dead and Company, have officially canceled or postponed their shows at Fenway.

Until the other eight acts make an official announcement, Ken’s refunds appear to be in limbo. He now wonders if Mayor Marty Walsh needs to step in. “Do we need Mayor Walsh to tell Live Nation, ‘hey your concerts are canceled?’’

In a statement to WBZ, Live Nation says:

“We cannot comment on the status of any event not listed on at this time.  That page will be continuously updated as new details are made available and any changes in event status will be communicated directly to ticketholders via email as well.

Live Nation created the Ticket Refund Plan to give fans refund options for shows that have been cancelled or rescheduled. It takes an entire ecosystem to bring live events to life, we appreciate the patience of fans as our teams work through the details of shifting these shows with artists, venues, and communities around the world. For more information visit“

The Red Sox say they will be working with Live Nation and ticket holders in the weeks ahead to determine the best path forward. A spokesperson says, “once the state and city begin the process of reopening non-essential businesses, we will work closely with them to assess what types of events and activities could be held at Fenway Park in a safe way.”

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  1. george lloyd says:

    I think its time for the Mayor to get involved for sure. We have spent hundreds and some caess thousands lol ?? Hundreds is crazy enough but thousands…Must be nice….Anyway yes we need to know what’s going on now so we can make travel plans and were to stay etc. Cannot be a last minute thing.

  2. shaun baran says:

    The Dead and James Taylor are probably the only two class acts that were coming who care about their fans. Us Deadheads love our band and they love us right back. We already got that cash.

  3. Jeff pelletier says:

    IF mlb does get an 82 game schedule together and it will be fanless games then they need to pull the plug on all the concerts as well. If it’s not safe to attend a mlb game then it’s certainly not safe to attend a concert at the same venue. Live Nation, Ticketmaster or whoever needs to get the refunds going now.

  4. Whiny McGee says:

    I wonder if it’s a matter of who takes the hit. If the artist cancels, does that mean they’re financially responsible instead of Fenway being responsible if the venue cancels instead? If that’s the case, it sounds like they’re playing a game of chicken with the ticket-buyers caught in the middle.

  5. I just got off the phone with Fenway Park (the number printed on my concert tickets) and when I asked about the city of Boston canceling all large events, the woman told me “Fenway is the exception” and it’s status quo until the artist or the ticket seller cancels or postpones. STATUS QUO?!? They canceled the MLB season and the rest of the city is canceling events, how is Fenway an exception?

  6. J Nunz says:

    So now the Maroon 5 website says it was postponed. You will receive an email as soon as the new date is confirmed. Please hold on to your tickets as they will be honored accordingly.
    Nothing about a refund.
    Hey Nick Edmonds – make some noise on this! PLEASE

  7. Steve says:

    I just received the notification for Guns & Roses…no refunds until AFTER they announce the reschedule date. How can that be possible…could be a year before that happens!?!?! There has to be a way around this…we shouldn’t have to have our money tied up like that….

  8. Robin says:

    I agree. I spent over $700 on 4 Gaga tickets in NJ. I cannot see any way holding the show would be safe. Not a word from our governor about making them cancel so we could get a refund. I checked here to see if things were better in Boston, but it is the same situation. 😠

  9. Drew says:

    Everyone needs to put in calls and emails to the attorney general of MA – Maura and the Governor. Though with everything on their plates and Live Nation and the Redsox sitting around, not busy, not saving lives, you’d think they could do the right thing before adding to the misery in MA.

  10. Melissa Wright says:

    This is insane! I will be traveling from Texas for this show. I have not only concert tickets, but airfare tied up in this mess. I wish they would just cancel it and offer a refund as a courtesy, not everyone is going to be afforded the luxury of being able to come at a later date. Cancel the show and get the refunds back to the ticket buyers.

  11. Jose says:

    So the Red Sox schedule came out and it says they’re playing the Yankees at Fenway on September 18th… can the game and the concert happen in the same day? I would think this is a sign the concert is cancelled, when will Fenway and Live Nation make it official so we can get our money back???

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