Mac is back for one more go around this season as MacGyver will air its season finale Friday, May 8th at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. In this week’s new episode “Save + The + Dam + World” Mac, played by Lucas Till, sees the culmination of a season-long arc where the Phoenix Foundation are battling to stop Codex, a longtime organization with deep roots, whose mission is to save the planet, even if that means killing off a portion of the population.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Till over Zoom about MacGyver‘s latest episode and how he’s holding up during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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MW: Lucas, nice to see you again. How are you holding up with everything? 

LT: I am OK. mean you seem to be doing better than I am. You got the cool hat on, the beard going; it’s more than I got. 

MW: Hey man, I can’t complainWhere are you actually riding everything out? 

LT: I’m at my house that I rent in Atlanta. I’m just going to continue to rent it out until things settle down because we shoot here in Atlanta. I’m here 10 months a year I might as well just stay hereI’m from here originally and think I’m going to stay here instead of trying to go back to LA. I never really use my time wisely there. 

MW: lot less crowded too.

LT: It certainly is. 

MW: Any new hobbies, activities you’ve been picking up? 

LT:  I started, Nintendo Switch has this game, I think it’s called Ring Fit. It’s a video game with fitness. It’s so hard if you set it to the right level but it’s great. It makes it into a video game you have to push this ring in. It hurts dude. It’s intense. A full body workout if you want it to be. Do it every day, workout done.  You’re focused on a task instead of ‘oh I got to get to 10 reps.’ It’s like no, I’m going to beat this dude. 

MW: I’ve played it too and it gives you a better burn than a lot of actual gym equipment, I’m with you 100%.

LT: Right?! It’s crazy.

MW: Now before the whole country got shut down you were still shooting. What was your reaction when you got the call that everything was getting wrapped up early?

LT: It was an announcement while we were on set. It was abrupt because we had agreed to finish. Everything was crazy at this point. No one knew what was happening. We had agreed that we were going to stay a couple extra days and finish with the crew for four extra days. 

We’re basically halfway through an episode; then when we got done with our last shot of the day our producer came up and said, hey guys this is it.’ It was abrupt. It was upsetting, but I understand we had to do it. 

MW: Have you been keeping in touch with everybody on the cast and crew since you’ve all been separated? 

LT: I just talked to them two days ago. We had a Zoom call together so that was pretty fun. I’ve been missing those guys, they’re the people I spend every day with. 

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MW: Yeah, it’s tough. It’s one moment you’re there, one moment you’re not. You don’t know when you’re going to see them again. 

LT: Yeah not knowing, exactly. You didn’t have time to prepare to say goodbye and it’s done. 

MW: On this Friday nights episode, a lot of things come to a head that have been building for the whole season with Mac’s arc coming full circle. What else can you tell us about the new episode?

LT: Friday nights episode involves some pretty great guest stars you have Tobin Bellwe have Jeri Ryan playing my aunt, as we figured out last couple episodes. We also have the Yellowstone Super Volcano playing a role in a plot to restart the world. It’s pretty epic. 

MW: Pretty casual, just restarting the world. also wanted to ask you, Henry Ian Cusick joined the cast this season. What was it like working with him? 

LT: I just, I can’t say enough good things. He came at a time when we really, really needed him. He showed up and he’s just so talented. I’m sure you’ve seen his work in other stuff. He’s so talented but also just a gem and a joy to have around. 

You got to spend 60 hours minimum with people on set and you really hope it’s with somebody you can get along with. Sometimes you get lucky, I’ve gotten lucky with my whole cast. He’s the perfect addition. 

MW: That always makes the work day easier. You literally spend more time with your coworkers than your own family.

LT: Absolutely, absolutely. 

MW: Last question before I let you go here. The worlds stuck in this pandemic and stay-at-home orders, but TV is a great way for people to escape and put reality on hold for a bit. What does it mean to you to be on a show like MacGyver that people can sit down together and enjoy themselves for a bit?

LT: I like hearing you say that because I personally I see a lot of people with a lot of different divisions, political beliefs for instance, and I never take sides. I just want people, no matter how much they hate each other and their beliefs to be able to go to the water cooler at work and just go, ‘did you see that episode of MacGyver?’ I love that. 

That’s the only thing I really wanted to do. Other actors they want to win awards, I just want to make people laugh and have a good time and sit and watch whatever I’m doing. 

MW: The water cooler award is way more important than an Oscar or an Emmy.

LT: {Laughs] That’s what I always say. I’ve actually never said that but I will moving forward, giving you full credit.

MW: Much appreciated, spread the word. Well that’s all I have for you today Lucas. Thanks for the time as always and all the best, stay safe man. 

LT: Thanks Matt, you too, take care brother.

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MacGyver will air its season finale on Friday, May 8th at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access.