BOSTON (CBS) — Many Massachusetts drivers are speeding on highways due to the lack of traffic, Massachusetts State Police said over Twitter Wednesday. In response, they will be adding patrols all around the state.

“Even though roads across the state are much less crowded during this public health emergency, motorists must still obey all traffic laws, including speed limits, and Massachusetts State Troopers remain vigilant for dangerous drivers,” they wrote.

State Police said beginning this week and continuing over the next month, they would send out patrols on random days and times all across the state to try to catch speeders.

“Always drive with your safety, your passenger’s safety, and the safety of other motorists in mind,” they wrote. “We are in this together in more ways than one.

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  1. Bill Branch says:

    Let’s get realistic: ticketing speeders has little to do with saving lives; it’s called recurring revenue.
    Let’s get the cell phone crowd off the road. They cause more problems than drunk drivers and speeders combined,

  2. Phill B says:

    How about the MSP do their patrolling while doing the speed limit, not 15 to 20 MPH above the speed limit! How about giving the MSP the ability to snap a picture of the speeding vehicle,send the owner of speeding vehicle a ticket instead of wasting gasoline and polluting the air we all breath with enforcing a law many Massachusetts residents don’t seem to think tie about! Laser Picture USPS!

  3. Gary G Teo says:

    Cops do whatever they want including breaking the laws they supposedly enforce. All cops are aholes.

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