ACTON (CBS) — A group of Acton teenagers are conducting virtual classrooms for students with autism.

High school senior Simona Zilberberg’s younger sister Sophia is on the spectrum. Sophia’s private school didn’t offer any at-home programs, so Simona and her father set up on online program and Simona reached out to her friends on Instagram.

Now, every weekday, four teenagers each teach a 45-minute class. They all say it’s rewarding.

“They make class enjoyable and it’s interesting how…you need to adjust to their needs, but they can give you…a different perspective,” Simona said.

Sophia doing her online lessons. (WBZ-TV)

“This has really helped me boost my confidence in terms of being able to communicate with people even on the spectrum, and just really making me a lot more competent terms of myself and what I’ve learned in school,” said Priyanka Nanda, another high school senior.

Including Sophia, seven students are now enrolled in the free online program.


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