BOSTON (CBS) — There is no sports activity taking place at the moment. The time is ripe for someone in the sports world to seize everybody’s attention.

Enter Jay Glazer, a man willing and able to play that game.

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The Fox Sports reporter was a guest on The Jason Smith Show on Tuesday, and he used that spot as an opportunity to build some hype for a “major” story that he will be breaking on TV on Wednesday evening on the show “Fox Football Now.”

“By the way, I am breaking news on that show [Wednesday night]. There will be very big breaking news. I can’t say it yet,” Glazer promised. “I’ll be breaking big news on the show. I’m telling ya, I’m breaking big news on the show. Legit, big, breaking, national news [Wednesday], on the show.”

The hosts tried to poke fun at Glazer, offering up some silly suggestions as to what the news might be.

“You guys are making fun of it. It’s not news to make fun of,” Glazer said. “It’s big news.”

That monster tease raises the obvious question: Why not just break the news now? Glazer didn’t quite answer that particular question, but he explained why he didn’t want to give out any hints.

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“No, then it would leak. It wouldn’t break,” Glazer explained. “I’ve gotta break it, not leak it.”

Glazer woke up on Wednesday and saw that his promise had made some headlines. So he shed some light on what type of news he’ll be breaking.

Glazer will break the big story at 11 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1. What news it will be remains anyone’s guess, but with a sports world desperate for something — anything — to chew on, Glazer’s going to have to deliver on that hefty promise.

UPDATE: Glazer’s big news was that Rams offensive lineman Brian Allen tested positive for coronavirus.

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It was not what people were expecting.