By Bill Shields

BROOKLINE (CBS) – The lockdown has helped slow the spread of the virus, but in Brookline, there’s been an unintended consequence: a huge spike in car break-ins.

“A lot of what we’ve seen has been concentrated within one area of town, close to Comm Ave.,” said Lieutenant Jennifer Paster.

Brookline Police Lieutenant Jennifer Paster (WBZ-TV)

Normally, Brookline has an overnight ban on street parking. But with everyone at home, that’s been temporarily suspended. Apparently, it created a rich market for thieves, and Brookline is seeing a 200% increase in car break-ins

“We kindly asked them to knock it off,” said Paster. Making arrests would break the social distancing rules. And, she added, “We do know people are struggling, so we have resources available. We’re happy to help anyone who needs a hand. You’re not alone.”

Bill Shields

  1. travel says:

    When your vehicle gets broken into, the trama one feels is somewhat like rape. One never feels comfortable again. One feels violated in their vehicle.
    Meanwhile the cop more empathetic with the criminals then the victims.

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