BOSTON (CBS) — The coronavirus pandemic has canceled countless events and changed the way communities come together. While One Boston Day will still commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, it won’t be the same as years past.

“We’re always been Boston Strong, it’s who we are as a people,” said Boston Mayor Walsh. “This holiday has come to represent our city’s spirit, our values, and most of all, our resilience as a city and as a people. This year One Boston Day is certainly going to look a lot different.”

Typically, the day involves multiple volunteering events.

This year, “we’re calling on the people of Boston to do everything they can to protect their fellow Bostonian through physical distancing. This is how we support the most vulnerable among us, like the elderly and people with health conditions. It’s also the best way to show our gratitude who is protecting others and keeping our city running during this very difficult time,” Walsh said.

The mayor asked for continued social distancing, for residents to wear a face-covering every time they leave the house, and for kindness.

“I will proclaim April 15, 2020, as a citywide day of reflection, prayer, and unity. We will be sharing opportunities to connect online with Boston’s faith community, with secular organizations, and with our local art community so that everyone has a chance to slow down, reflect, and share some meaningful time with their fellow Bostonians. We’re also calling on everyone to spread goodwill through acts of kindness you can safely do from home. We’ll be sharing these things you can do over the next couple of days, and we invite you to share your reflections on the meaning of One Boston Day on social media, with the hashtag #OneBostonDay.”

“We’re asking you to join us in standing together while standing apart,” Walsh said. “We need One Boston Day spirit right now more than ever, so I hope you’ll join us and help us show what our city stands for. We will get through this difficult time together, as One Boston.”


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