By David Wade

AUBURN (CBS) – Despite the coronavirus, the Easter Bunny is still on the job, visiting homes in Auburn in preparation for the big day. It’s the talk of the town and the delight of the children. The Easter Bunny doesn’t do interviews, but we found his helpers, who do.

It started earlier this week, under cover of darkness. Doorbell video of his visits going viral in Auburn as the Easter Bunny leaves baskets and eggs all over town. “I think the Easter Bunny is one of the coolest guys ever!” said Darcy Cook. She and her family, who apparently know the Easter Bunny quite well, organized the rabbit’s visit and have eagerly volunteered to be his helpers.

Their home has become the bunny’s North Pole, perfect for creating customized baskets and preparing Easter eggs. “A lot of families need a little bit of loving and with all the kids being out of school and social distancing, we thought it would be a good way for people to smile and bring some joy,” Darcy said.

Easter bunny at home in Auburn (WBZ-TV)

To get around town the bunny turned to Paul Landry as chauffeur. “Bunnies don’t drive. Their feet are too big for the pedals,” he said.

The Easter Bunny and Peter Cottontail visited the Farrell family today, much to the delight of their three kids. “During tough times like this, with the virus going around, it’s really nice to have everybody come together,” said Danielle Farrell, the boys’ mother. “It’s unbelievable what a simple gesture of love and kindness, and a heart and a bunny putting eggs on a lawn that has changed everything,” said Darcy

On Saturday, the Easter Bunny really has his work cut out for him. There will be a bunny parade around Auburn starting at 9am.

David Wade


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