BOSTON (CBS) — The only thing certain for professional athletes right now is uncertainty. For players who are set to become free agents, that uncertainty is doubled.

In the case of the Boston Bruins, that situation applies to defenseman Torey Krug. The 28-year-old was playing this season in the final year of his contract. Though there was mutual interest in extending the skilled D-man, nothing had ever materialized in the form of a new contract.

And now with the NHL season suspended indefinitely, Krug has no idea what the future holds … and he hopes his Bruins career doesn’t end so abruptly.

“I really hope I did not play my last game as a Boston Bruin,” Krug told reporters on a conference call on Tuesday.

Krug shared that since the NHL suspended play in early March, he has not had any discussions with the Bruins regarding a contract.

Yet while his long-term future remains unknown, he’s still holding out hope that he and his teammates will be able to compete for a Stanley Cup this year.

Whether that ends up happening is anybody’s guess, as the nation and the world grapple with the fight to stop the coronavirus pandemic. For now, it’s just uncertainty and hope for all involved — including Krug.

  1. TheNostredummass says:

    Hey Torey. Even when a lot of fans were down on you for your defensive play, I have always defended you. Not only for your PP prowess and offensive skills but for your leadership and intensity and other intangibles that you’ve brought to the team. Your defensive play has rounded into form and I couldn’t be happier for your success.
    And now, when over 11,000 Americans have died and things look like things could get much worse, you’re considering leaving the team and pursuing more money?

    Hey. I get it. As a musician, I have advised everyone I know never to do a gig that undercuts your own value.

    But those are ‘normal’ values and evaluations of talent. I’m sure many athletes would agree, if they think about things a bit, that in the larger scheme of things, true heroes like hospital workers and scientists working on vaccines are the people that deserve to be paid millions/year.

    I’m not putting down what you do. I’m a fan. One of your most loyal. But if I’m honest, life and health are worth far more to me or to anyone than who wins the Stanley Cup. Or even the Grey Cup. It is, after all, merely entertainment. In the larger scheme of things.

    So now it looks like Bruins fans, of whose number I’ve been since the days of Bobby Orr, have been robbed of yet another Cup. And this time it wasn’t the hated Canadiens that done it.
    Are you seriously considering punishing your loyal (and disloyal) fans by abandoning the only NHL team you’ve played for, because of a deadly pandemic…simply to pursue more cash?

    I mean, I might lay the same guilt trip on management. But as I’ve already implied, caring more about the almighty dollar than human beings is evil. And most of management anywhere went over to the Dark Side decades ago. I beg you not to do the same. Use the force Torey. OK. Hokey. But you get my meaning.

    Now is the time for everyone to stand up and be heroic. Any sane person is putting their careers and their jobs and their economic futures on the line by staying home and not spreading this menace. I encourage you please, when Management and ownership will respond to this crisis by tightening belts and lowering caps and firing workers, to have a heart and take a “team friendly” short term deal. And worry about negotiating your “worth” when you and everyone else has seen some relief from this madness.

    Yes we’ve had a run at the Cup stolen from us. Don’t “double down” on that misery by abandoning the “best 4-man forward line in the league”: Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak-Krug.

    You guys deserve a Cup. So do we.

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