By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – John Costa, owner of the Gunrunner in Middleboro, disagrees with Gov. Charlie Baker’s order deeming his firearms store non-essential. Costa says he has a right to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.

“OK, under the second amendment we have every right to defend ourselves,” Costa told WBZ-TV.

Costa said his sales have been up since coronavirus started spreading around the country several weeks ago.

“This is totally way off the walls. I mean, yes business is very very good,” said Costa.

John Costa, owner of the Gunrunner in Middleboro. (WBZ-TV)

Costa says he’s practicing social distancing by not letting anybody inside the door. You have to knock and then go to the curbside.

“They’re interested in a gun, what type of gun are you interested in, if I have it I have it I’ll bring it out I show it to you right there at the door,” said Costa.

On Tuesday, the governor extended the stay home advisory and ordered all non-essential businesses to stay closed until May 4.

On Wednesday, Baker was asked about gun stores disobeying that order by staying open.

“They shouldn’t have been open last week. The only folks on the firearm side that have been essential been in Massachusetts since we issued the initial order are manufacturers,” said Baker.

Costa says no one has tried to force him to close and he plans to stay open.

Mike LaCrosse


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