By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – They are kids with a message, putting their inspirational thoughts on, of all places, a fence. The idea is to spread a little positivity, in a world that could use a big dose of that during the coronavirus pandemic. And for these Attleboro young people it’s all in the family.

The artwork speaks for itself, words of warmth, of hope for a better day, and love, painted by three middle schoolers on an Attleboro fence.

“My mom came up to me one day when I was sleeping,” said 12-year-old Brayden Bishop. His mom had an interesting idea. “I said, let’s do something inspirational,” said Sheri Bishop, Brayden’s mother. And that was to paint a mural with encouraging words for all to see.

“Then we went over to my cousins and asked, ‘do you want to do it?’ And they’re like, yeah sure,” Brayden said.

The three cousins live next door to each other, so 13-year-old Paige and 12-year-old Emily Quaglia joined right in. “It was pretty fun because everyone passing by would honk or wave,” said Paige. “We had to stop in the middle of it to do some school work, though,” added Emily.

When they finished, something unexpected happened. People came by and added their own messages.

“During the coronavirus you have to say inside. You might feel depressed a little bit and hopefully they’ll just drive by and they’ll see this and maybe it’ll make them happy,” Brayden said. “It makes them smile,” added Emily.

Paula Ebben


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