By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – Paige Robie says someday she will tell her son the whole world stopped when he was born. It sure feels that way. She and her husband welcomed their first child just last weekend, while awaiting her coronavirus result.

“It was so overwhelming that I was just kind of numb. I wasn’t crying or getting upset but I was just like I don’t know what to say,” she recalled.

After an influenza B diagnosis in January, Paige had a persistent cough. She was designated ‘COVID Unknown’ during delivery.

“We thought we’re going to have the baby that night,” Paige said. “They came in and said we’d like to stop the induction because if you have the baby before the test results come in we’re going to take the baby from you and we don’t know when you’ll be able to see him.”

Fortunately, Paige’s husband Josh was with her the whole time. Some hospitals elsewhere have banned birth partners to protect patients and staff. The couple wore masks and had to stay in their hospital room.

Forty-eight hours after her son was born, her test result came back negative. While the circumstances were not ideal, Paige understands and appreciates the precautions her hospital took. If the roles were reversed and she were roomed beside a ‘COVID Unknown’ patient, she’d want that same protection.

The Robies are now home together, healthy and happy, falling in love with their sweet Wilde one.

“You envision what they’re going to look like and you have no idea, then they come out and you’re like oh I know you. You’re my buddy. It’s been wild from start to finish. It’s so worth it.”

Juli McDonald


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