By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston families have many questions about the future of their children’s education as they try to make it work now in a new normal. At the Clinton household, they’re trying to adjust, but it can be challenging.

“I’m thinking that they’re thinking vacation,” said mother Heidi Clinton. “‘Why can’t I just this? Why can’t I do this math this week and the ELA next week?'”

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Seventh grader Siobhan and fifth grader Robert, both Boston public school students, have moved to online learning, while Heidi is trying to work from home at the same time.

They all need computers and are trying to adjust. The family received a chromebook from Boston Public Schools just yesterday, and Siobhan admits it’s sometimes hard to focus.

“When I’m at school I have to do it. At home it’s like I’m home,” she said.

Boston Public Schools seventh grade Siobhan does online assignments during the coronavirus outbreak. (WBZ-TV)

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Heidi Clinton said she’s also concerned now if her children will have to repeat the year or move on.

At home, it’s mostly online assignments. Boston Public Schools is trying to get as many laptops as possible to families, delivering nearly 20,000 to those who need them so far. Boston first grader Ted Francois has received his chromebook, but his family has no cable and no internet.

“It’s expensive, so I don’t do it, but because of homework I may have to take Comcast back,” said his aunt Farah Francois.

They’re scrambling now and worry Ted is long valuable time. Boston Public Schools calls it a far-reaching situation, and they’re working to provide resources to every family in a system of 55,000 students.

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Beth Germano