BOSTON (CBS) — With the NHL on a hiatus as the world tries to slow the spread of coronavirus, there will be no hockey inside the TD Garden for the foreseeable future. So there really is no need for the building to keep the giant sheet of ice that the Boston Bruins call their own.

According to the Boston Globe, the bull gang at the TD Garden shut down the arena’s ice plant last week, and the ice the Bruins play on has since done what ice does best: It has melted away.

It paints a sad picture for those hoping hockey will return sometime soon, but it was expensive to keep that sheet frozen, and it doesn’t really need to be frozen at the moment. It’s essentially Jeremy Jacobs not letting the kids put on the air conditioner during the summer, or telling them to put on another sweater during the winter.

But fear not, freezing up another playing surface won’t take long once the gang gets the call.

“If the season’s salvaged, those guys can freeze in a new sheet in a day or two — no big deal,” one arena employee told the Globe.

Until then, the big stencils that lay under the ice are away in storage, joining the famous flooring that the Celtics use for their home court.

The Bruins haven’t played at the TD Garden since March 7, while the Celtics last hit their home floor on March 8.


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