By Juli McDonald

WESTWOOD (CBS) – A family photoshoot, with a social distance twist. Pia Ventola of Silent Statement Photography is excited to join a national trend. She’s using her passion for photography to spread joy. And she’s not accepting money – instead, encouraging her subjects to pay it forward.

“Maybe it’s a good way to raise some money for the food banks. Whatever way they can give back to help people out, I thought was a good trade for my services,” she said.

Pia uses a long lens during these shoots so she doesn’t need to get any close ups near the family. All the communication is done from across the yard – several feet away.

Pia Ventola takes a photo of the Murphy family in Westwood (WBZ-TV)

It’s easy to focus on what’s different or harder right now.

“It feels eerie and trapped and a little bit sad. The spring semester is full of fun stuff and that was all canceled or postponed. Juliet was surprised to get her license and that was canceled,” said Westwood mom Emily Murphy.

Pia Ventola (WBZ-TV)

“It’s definitely like a different take on spring I guess, this year,” daughter Juliet added.

Pia’s work puts it all in perspective – priceless images of smiling families, making sacrifices for health and safety.

“When they get their pictures it’s a nice sense of relief. These are the people they love. It’s such a gift to be with your family,” Ventola said.

Juli McDonald


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