BOSTON (CBS) — Jameis Winston had no problems throwing the ball downfield during his career with the Buccaneers, leading to some pretty big numbers for his receivers. But Winston also had no problem throwing the ball to the other team, so his receivers didn’t enjoy much success overall.

In the end, it meant that despite the big offensive numbers, there was no postseason for the Buccaneers with Winston under center. They flirted with the playoffs late last season, but dropped the final two games of the season as Winston threw six interceptions — including two pick-sixes — to finish 7-9.  The franchise hasn’t made the postseason since 2007.

Suddenly, with Tom Brady set to don a Buccaneers jersey in 2020, there is hope in Tampa Bay. While Buccaneers receivers have loved putting up fantasy numbers the last few years, they’re now eager to see what some winning football looks like.

Mike Evans, Brady’s new No. 1 in Tampa, has put up some monster numbers over his first six seasons in the league, but he’s never gotten a taste of playoff football. Evans hasn’t said much about his new quarterback since Brady signed last week, but while playing a little Fortnite over the weekend, the receiver sounded confident that Tampa’s postseason drought will soon be coming to an end.

“It’s surreal,” Evans said on a Twitch live steam. “He’s about to be my quarterback, man. I know you don’t know football like that, but I’ve played six years in the NFL and I haven’t been to the playoffs yet. Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls.”

Evans was always supportive of Winston during their time together, but he doesn’t sound too disappointed that a future Hall of Famer will be throwing passes his way for the next two years. Evans admitted that he celebrated Brady’s signing with a few adult beverages.

“Bro, I’ve been on that Hennessy, man,” he shouted. “I’m drinking. I’ve got Tom Brady, you know what I’m saying?”

Enjoy that beverage now, because Brady will probably have a healthier suggestion the next time he chats with his new No. 1 receiver.


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