BOSTON (CBS) — Artists are coming up with creative ways to do their work as the coronavirus pandemic forces much of the world to practice social distancing. Now a Boston student has pulled together dozens of performers at the Berklee College of Music to form a “virtual orchestra.”

More than 70 Berklee musicians performed “What The World Needs Now Is Love” Burt Bacharach in a video posted to YouTube Sunday. Boston Conservatory at Berklee student Shelbie Rassler, who majors in composition, says she came up with the idea after the pandemic forced everyone to leave campus.

“Just a little something to brighten your day,” Rassler wrote. “What started as an idea on my flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some of the most incredible people.”

In addition to the singers and instrumentalists, the video also features dancers offering their interpretation of the song.

“Please share to help us promote positivity and optimism while we need it most,” Rassler said.


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  1. bubulit says:

    Beautiful. I hope people will extend this love and compassion towards animals as well and stop eating innocent creatures. We don’t own the planet we share it with others.

  2. Kathy rizzo says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent! 💕🎼

  3. amy says:

    Ya just can’t contain artists! Love it!

  4. Randie says:

    Simply BRILLIANT!

  5. Hollywood says:

    Proud alum! Berklee’s talented professors, musicians and vocalists never cease to amaze me… and the world indeed.

  6. Peter J Brown says:

    Outstanding and very appropriate for what we are all going through. THANK YOU…

  7. Marian Spence says:

    Thanks for making my afternoon brighter.

  8. Tom Shaw says:

    I – and many of my fellow musicians and performers – would LOVE to know exactly how this beautiful thing was created. Please share your behind-the-scenes magic. Thanks!!

  9. Rita de Cássia Pacheco de Moraes says:


  10. Luann Renee' says:

    Thank you for sharing the love of God… He is love…with me. I am sharing. 😀

  11. Leah L Valian says:

    Thank you for my happy tears.

  12. Marshal Ironsides says:

    What the world needs now is a vaccine.

  13. Uncle Pete says:

    Fantastic !

  14. Bruce says:

    Well done all of you! Thank you for this lovely performance in the midst of our troubled times.

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