MAYNARD (CBS) — The Maynard Police Department is offering a pick-up and delivery service for anyone who is at a higher risk of coronavirus complications. This includes getting groceries, prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and vital supplies to people who don’t feel comfortable going out to stores.

“Individuals who have been identified as being at a higher risk and advised to avoid large crowds are older adults or anyone with chronic medical conditions, like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease,” said Police Chief Michael Noble in a statement. “However, these are our friends and fellow residents, and they still need their groceries, medicine and other supplies that they count on for their daily lives. The women and men of the Maynard Police Department are here to help and have offered to step up for their neighbors.”

Residents who use the service will still need to pay for the items.

Officers will not go into homes, they will drop the items off at the front door and notify the resident.

Noble told WBZ-TV the service is part of their community policing philosophy.

“It’s just a service that we are trying to provide because again police, sometimes people think of us as just law enforcement, we’re also community caretakers,” Noble said.

He added that the department’s regular duties have slowed because coronavirus precautions are keeping people home.

“We don’t anticipate it being overloaded, but it’s for those few people that need it that don’t have to go out. It gives them peace of mind and it gives others peace of mind if they do know somebody that needs that because we don’t know how far this is going to go.”

Noble knows the department is still working out the logistics of the program, but he said they’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response.

“It’s a service that in some ways we’ve provided before, but we just haven’t announced it,” Noble said. “If people in the community need something and we can help, we will help.”


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