BOSTON (CBS) — Gatherings of more than 250 people are prohibited in Massachusetts effective immediately, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced Friday. The move is to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The gatherings are described as anything that brings 250 people or more together in “a single room or a single space at the same time.” It includes community meetings, sporting events with spectators, concerts, festivals, faith-based events, and potentially weddings.

“This order does not apply to the normal operations at airports, bus and train stations, medical facilities, libraries, shopping malls and centers, polling locations, grocery or retail stores, or other spaces where 250 more persons may be in transit,” Baker said. “The order also does not apply to restaurants provided that they should, whenever possible, encourage social distancing.”

It also doesn’t apply to offices, government buildings, or factories.

Gov. Charlie Baker announced gatherings with more than 250 people would be prohibited in Massachusetts (WBZ-TV)

At this time, Baker said health officials are not recommending schools close statewide.

On Tuesday, Baker declared a State of Emergency in Massachusetts. Baker said the continuous coronavirus precautions “represent a significant change in daily life for the vast majority of people here in the Commonwealth.”

He stressed the importance of limiting the number of people who get coronavirus, despite the fact that the virus does not have critical implications for most of the population.

“If you limit the number of people who get it overall, you limit the number of people who are in those high-risk categories from getting in it the first place, which has to be one of our major objectives,” Baker said. “Those are the people who, in many cases, if you’re talking about people in their 70s, who dressed and bathed everybody in this room and a heck of a lot of people across the Commonwealth. They’re the people who actually made your lunch and took you to school every day. They’re the people who paid your bills and, in many cases, helped you get through some of the toughest parts of your life and they’re the people who, in many ways, we owe the most to at this point in time.”

  1. Inquiring Mind says:

    This one is really addressed to Jon Kellerman. It regards Demoran Gov. Baker. The governor is speaking of making September 14th as a NEW STATE HOLIDAY and this is also the new date to run the Boston Marathon. Does he not know that Patriots Day is a holiday in its own right. Is he going to delete Patriots Day as a holiday in lieu of September 14th? Think about this. Massachusetts must have plenty of surplus cash To pay for another holiday for state employees. Let us face it ; state employees have numerous paid days off already plus snow emergencies. Most employers will not participate in allowing their employees two Mondays in a row off. But think about this. Why did not the governor use the process to see if the taxpayers really want the state to have another paid holiday. Why not submit a referendum question on a ballot to determine how many tax payers are for or against that idea. I would say that a very small percentage of HOURLY paid employees are that interested in running let alone watching a marathon. I mean, are there some sidewalks and LED street lights that can be replaced? How about wheel chair access upgrades with better ramps and lighting. Oh, how about this? If the governor is concerned about spreading germs, can they sanitize the restrooms at MBTA stops.? I would not drop my drawers for a second unless the room had been recently napalmed. What about retirees? Why not give more money to retirees who will not benefit from a holiday? On a fixed income any little bump will help. You know what, the Governor announcing he wants to create a new Holiday for the Boston Marathon is a sign of poor management. Why not make it a holiday, but if you take the day off from work YOU MUST USE A PAID PERSONAL DAY OR A PAID VACATION DAY. Governor Baker is the MANAGER of the state of Massachusetts. He should have used this as a carrot when negotiating with the multiple state employee UNIONS. That way we get something in return. Things like no shows, reducing state employee levels, Limiting what is an offense that can be grieved by the union. Come on Govnuh, did you or your cronies even think of that. How about canceling the ST. Paddy’s Day breakfast? Now there is money well spent. There are just so many things wrong to announce another paid holiday This is a RE-ELECTION PLOY. Pandering to the businesses that are crying about lost revenue because the Marathon has been postponed. Plus the overtime to clean up the mess. I bet the donations will roll in if the governor does this. Personally, I will nit see one benefit of another state holiday, I will not go to Hopkinton to watch first hand, I will not watch on TV and I will not care that Kenya has swept win, place and show. OOPS, do they allow betting on the Marathon? OOPS does that gold mine casino need to be subsidized already.? Let’s go Jon, use that keen mind and sensitive thumb on the pulse of politics and get the answers.

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