BOSTON (CBS) — Sports aren’t always a hotbed for tender moments. The NHL, in particular, can be a rather brutal place.

Yet every now and again, there are exceptions. The Bruins’ mom trip was as pure a moment as they come. And while Jake DeBrusk’s mother was a star of that memorable week, and now it’s DeBrusk’s dad who’s taking center stage.

Louie DeBrusk carved out a solid career for himself in the NHL, lasting 11 seasons in Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Phoenix and Chicago. He was much more of a tough guy (797 PIM) than a goal scorer (19 goals in 228 games), but he obviously instilled a love of the game in his son Jake, who’s nearly quadrupled his father’s career point total in 34 fewer games.

Now an analyst for Hockey Night In Canada, Louie DeBrusk was one proud papa when he had the honor of interviewing Jake during warmups before Wednesday night’s game between the Bruins and Oilers.

After the normal chirping that is to be expected between a father and son in such a moment, Louie wished his son the best for the game in front of friends and family from his native Edmonton..

“Well listen, kiddo,” Louie told Jake. “Get the feet going. I don’t want to have to say bad things about you tonight. Hey, thanks a lot. Good luck, all right, kiddo?”

“Thanks, Dad,” Jake replied. “Love you.”

That’s the good stuff right there.

Sports: Occasionally great! Who knew?!


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