BOSTON (CBS) – WAAF, a longtime rock radio station based in Worcester and Boston, has been sold and will start playing contemporary Christian programming this weekend.

Entercom sold WAAF to the Educational Media Foundation, which runs religious radio networks, for $10.75 million. The programming switch will begin Saturday, under a network affiliation agreement, Entercom said in a statement.

“If you grew up as a fan of rock and roll music here in the Commonwealth, the fact that there’s not going to be an AAF anymore is a big disappointment,” Governor Charlie Baker said, “but it’s just one more lesson in the fact that culture, time, music – it all moves on.”

WAAF will continue to air on its existing HD stations, 104.1 HD2 and 93.7 HD2 and on, according to the company.

The Federal Communications Commission has to give final approval for the sale. That’s expected to happen this spring.

WAAF had scheduled a 50th anniversary concert for April 16 at the DCU Center in Worcester. It’s not clear yet if that will still be held.

The station’s long history in Boston included an infamous stunt on April Fool’s Day in 1998 when DJ’s Opie & Anthony were fired for a prank claiming Boston Mayor Tom Menino had died.

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  1. Seriously? I can’t believe this is happening. It’s so disappointing. I feel bad for the DJs. Mike Hsu, Mistress Carrie, and all the fill ins. They are great at their jobs and to lose out to contemporary Christian music (no offense intended, it’s just the opposite to what the station has played for 50 years) is sad.

  2. B.A. Mahrab says:

    What an ENORMOUS disappointment for the Bay State Music Scene. If confirmed, I’ll be unfollowing all their social. Damn.

  3. Mark from RI says:

    I thought this was a bad joke. I hope the DJ’s come back on the air so we can express our our disappointment and wish them well. I’m thinking the Media Group won’t have the cojones!
    Good luck DJ’s, let us know where you land after all this.

  4. StentFeznor says:

    Feed Nana.

  5. Johnny Prestone says:

    Sweet! About time. Terrestrial radio has been on the decline for years. Good to see this station finally die off…

  6. Michael Feuerstein says:

    The gentrification of a Generation of art and sound. Corporate Boston didn’t like #Wfnx 101.7, #Wbcn 104.1, or now #Waaf 107.3. They didn’t like the artist’s space in the south end. They didn’t like Manray or tt the bears where Nirvana first played. Perhaps the Stoicism of the culture and greed of old money in the area that inhibits Boston’s ability to grow through cultural expression.

    Maybe its because the narrative of all those stations was “anti-establishment”, “anti bubble gum”, “anti-baby birded bs narrative and norms.” The same thing with all Bostons Music venues and clubs, music/art spaces, How many have closed down over the years. The same thing could be said about concert venues, Corporate music companies like clear channel/Ticketmaster want to control the narrative and flow of creativity and rebellion words and sound. Corporate Boston didn’t like music spaces where local bands/DJ’s/artists could practice their craft or venues where they had a voice. They didn’t like local painters having the ability to show their work. They didn’t like clubs that didn’t play bubble gum, attacking them financially or through licenses, etc.

    Why? Maybe its a generational thing, parents generation spiting the youth aka boomers and millennials. Maybe its greed. Maybe the Music was anti-establishment and self-reflective, rock lived on, past 1989. The music was too real, and that was the problem, the corporate machine couldn’t control the anti-establishment trend or be part of it without being called out for what they were, only posers to social trends, haves pretending they have not. Imposters to cultural relevance or impact and envious to both.

    Perhaps the Stoicism of the culture and greed of old money in the area inhibit expression.My gut tells me 80-90s yuppies have been trying to do it since the 80s, with their fake religious context and sweater over shoulders. Part of me thinks its happening across the country for a reason, to better control the youth through their voice, is the arts(music, animation, film, etc). expressionism has always been dangerous to the powerful. To them, Rock or Alternative music DJs.Musicians have had to much power and control to dictate the narrative, norms, provide joy and most of all set trends…especially the trends. In my observation it happened around the time TRL was canceled during the Iraq/Afghanistan war, the music videos being released were so anti-establishment, and because of such, I wouldn’t doubt that pressure was put on MTV to stop with music videos. Then came Clear channel/and other corporate bubble gum based Satieltte radio with playlists preapproved with no creative control. Right now its back to the pop age of the producer and label make the artists, not the talent, it was fun while it lasted…

    Maybe a radio DJ supergroup of all the big names of the 3 major stations (wfnx, aaf, and wbcn) could get together and make their own station streaming all the time on Facebook and other streaming platforms, like Facebook, Spotify, twitch, mixer, etc all simulcast/released together…i think that would make the future brighter. Something to consider. Either way,, when Aaf turns into a Christian channel, the phone calls for metal over the first few weeks will be hilarious. Every generation has a gap generation to technology new and old, one that understands, and respects both, we are that generation, those born before 2000, What we see will fade to silhouettes of yellowed memories and blurry pictures of sound, but the people remain and so will the experiences.

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