MERRIMACK, N.H. (CBS) – A Derry, New Hampshire, man was arrested Friday after he drove by his former workplace with a loaded semiautomatic rifle and a handgun in his car after he allegedly made threatening statements to a co-worker the day before, police said.

Corey Godinez (Photo credit: Merrimack, New Hampshire, Police Department)

Merrimack, New Hampshire, Police received complaints that the former employee – Corey Godinez, of Derry, New Hampshire — told a co-worker the day before that he had enough firepower to “take people out” and he didn’t care how many people got hurt.

While officers were at the scene investigating, they said Godinez drove by the building. Police stopped his vehicle and found a loaded handgun, an AR-15 rifle with multiple magazines and additional ammunition in the car.

“The rifle with the magazines were in a guitar case behind the driver’s seat,” said Merrimack Police Captain Matthew Tarleton.

Godinez, 29, is a former employee of LifeLine Ambulance Service.

“I think – based on his reported state of mind, the threats that he made, the overt act of driving there with the firearms in his car – I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that maybe our officers might have prevented an active shooter event.”

A representative of LifeLine Ambulance Service said, “Mr. Godinez is no longer an employee of LifeLine Ambulance Service. We cannot comment further o‎n internal personnel matters. We appreciate the work of the Merrimack Police and are cooperating fully with their investigation.”

Police said the co-worker who reported the threatening conversation did the right thing.

“Had this person not reported what they had overheard in a timely manner, we might be having a different conversation right now. A tragedy might have taken place at that location,” Tarleton said.

Godinez was arrested and faces several charges, including first-degree assault, and is being held on preventative detention. He is scheduled to appear in Hillsboro County Superior Court South on Feb. 18.

  1. mandyfard says:

    It wasn’t even so long ago when the workplace used to be considered a safe place to work and earn a living… But the significant increases in workplace shootings across the nation over the past couple of decades have totally washed off that notion…. Looks like our workplace saftey is becoming more and more questionable as time goes by. I hope we can change this new paradigm… This is an unfortunate decline, really….

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