By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – Wednesday is the last day to register for the presidential primary in Massachusetts and there’s been a surge in new voters following New Hampshire. Secretary of State William Galvin estimates 18,000 new voters registered online Tuesday and 10,000 new voters the day before.

South Station was ground zero for new registrations as the Secretary of State had a table set up to give voters the opportunity. “It was the appetizer, we’re the main course,” said Galvin referring to the first in the nation primary.

Massachusetts will be one of 16 states and territories that will be part of Super Tuesday March 3 and voters see a wide open game. “I think it’s better to get people out. Usually they say it’s a done deal and now it’s wide open for people to vote,” said registered voter Valerie Bickis.

Mass. Secretary of State William Galvin (WBZ-TV)

Massachusetts has 114 delegates up for grabs, not as much as California or Texas, but they could become a real prize with no clear frontrunner. Voters say that’s energizing. “I think we have a great opportunity given the field is not set. Five, maybe six, have a path to win this,” said registered voter Steve Owens.

It could well mean not even Super Tuesday will winnow the field as candidates could split the states. Galvin says it could be a murkier outcome than we’ve seen in some time. “You’ve got new people coming on, ahead in some polls, some declining,” Galvin said. “It’s in flux, very much in flux.”

Beth Germano

  1. Jim Murphy says:

    Thanks CBSBoston. However, this news items is dated. Deadline has passed. Any news on Secy. of State’s office on figures of registred voters, it would help.
    Appreciated your coverage especially you’re NH Presidential Primary town graphic.

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