By Bill Shields

HARWICH (CBS) – Police in Harwich are searching for the person who brutally attacked a horse over the weekend.

“When someone does something like this, I can’t wrap my head around it,” owner Susan Buchanan said. “It’s a monster. It’s not a human that did this.”

Saturday night, someone broke into CB Equestrian Center in Harwich. They released four horses, but a fifth, they almost killed by horribly abusing the pony with a pitchfork handle.

“I have never seen anything so horrific in my life,” said Glenn Buchanan.

That horse is named Scotty. He’s a champion Welsh Pony. Surgeons have Scotty on the mend, but his owners are horrified.

“We can’t unsee it,” Susan Buchanan said. “I have spent all of my life since I was a little girl loving, caring for, breathing for horses.”

Of all the crimes police see, they said this is one of the worst. “We are deeply disturbed by this heinous attack on a defenseless animal,” said Harwich Police Sgt. Aram Goshgarian.

Bill Shields

  1. Patti McGan says:

    Has there been an update on who did this horrific act?

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