BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston College women’s ice hockey team has a new recruit: 15-year-old Natalia Donnelly of Norwood. Natalia is currently battling a brain tumor and joined the team through Team Impact, a non-profit which helps kids facing chronic illnesses bond with athletes.

The teenager’s official signing was on Sunday.

“We are welcoming Natalia to our team and as coach of the program I know our team is really excited to have you,” said Coach Crowley.

Natalia Donnelly is joining the Boston College women’s ice hockey team (WBZ-TV)

As an official member of the team, Natalia will not only attend practices and games, she’ll take part in team dinners and events. Athletes say it is a win-win.

One player added, “Natalia, we know you’re going to bring so much to the table for us and we’ll learn so much from you and be a better team for knowing you.”


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