ASHLAND (CBS) – A commuter rail train crashed into a car that was stuck on the tracks in Ashland Thursday night. A grandfather and grandson made it out of the car minutes before the collision.

The damage is significant but the crash could have been devastating. The Ashland fire chief confirms the two people got out of the car just in time before an outbound commuter rail train smashed into it on the tracks.

Investigators believe the driver mistakenly turned off Main Street Thursday evening, and then became stuck on the tracks.

A grandfather and grandson escaped from a car that was hit by a train in Ashland (Image credit Ashland PD)

The two ran into the fire department for help but the oncoming train was already approaching the stop.

An MBTA passenger was standing in the last car when it happened. He explained they were stuck on board for more than an hour, but MBTA staff kept them as informed as possible. “We also had the fire department come on and conductors asked if anyone was injured,” Jeremy Longden said. “They were really concerned about the passenger safety.”

One passenger on the train was taken to the hospital for a medical issue.


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