SALEM (CBS) – Former presidential candidate and Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton has endorsed Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. Moulton says the former vice president is experienced and can beat President Donald Trump in the general election.

“In this complicated time at home and around the world, Joe Biden has the experience and judgment not just to win in November, but to lead our nation after he does—by fighting for opportunity, equality, and security like he’s done his whole career,” Moulton said in a statement posted to social media Monday morning. “Most importantly: Joe can beat Donald Trump and unify our country after four years of the most reckless commander-in-chief in American history.”

Moulton launched his own presidential bid in April 2019 with an emphasis on national security  but never qualified for any of the debates and dropped out in August. He’s running for re-election to the House.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Gov. Deval Patrick are also running in the primary.

The CBS News Battleground Tracker has Biden neck-and-neck with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at the top of the polls for the Iowa caucus.

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    If I knew who Seth, Whatshisface is, I might care about his stupidity!!

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