BOSTON (CBS) – New England may not be in the Super Bowl this year, but you’ll still hear some “wicked” Boston accents during the game. Hyundai has released its “Smaht Pahk” ad for the big game and it features four local celebrities “paying homage to their beloved Boston.”

The minute-long spot advertises the 2020 Hyundai Sonata and its remote smart parking assist. Sudbury’s Chris Evans and Lexington’s Rachel Dratch watch a driver try and fail to get into a tight parking spot, and then Newton’s John Krasinski pulls up.

“Just hit the clickah – cah pahks itself,” Krasinski says. “It’s wicked smaht.”

The ad shouts out Dorchester, Foxboro, “The Gahden,” Saugus, Swampscott, Revere and “The Hahbah” as other places Krasinski has parked.

“Hey – you can’t pahk there,” Red Sox legend David Ortiz yells out a window.

The commercial will run in the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

Hyundai also released a video of Dratch showing Big Papi how to do a Boston accent.

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  1. I didn’t know John Krazinski came from Newton!! I love him even bettah now!!!

  2. EW says:

    The guy with the beard has the only authentic Boston accent! Rachel and John… sorry 🤮

  3. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Hun-DAY, not hun-DIE.

  4. Bill Mecca says:

    hunday, like Sunday… sheesh

  5. Michael D Black says:

    She screwed up Swampscott pronunciation….it should be “Swampscutt”….I used to live there.

    1. Lauren R MacArthur says:

      Right….I heard that! (Born in Newton…raised in Waltham and Cochituate……)

    2. Valerie Cox says:

      “Swamp-skit” I used to live there too!

  6. Colette Bolduc says:

    should be Dorchesta

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