BOSTON (CBS) — Even if Julian Edelman had been selected as a Pro Bowler this season, he wouldn’t have been able to participate. An absolutely bruising season led to Edelman undergoing surgery this month for his injured shoulder, and he’ll reportedly need knee surgery, too.

Still, being selected as a Pro Bowler would have been a distinct honor for the 33-year-old, who caught an even 100 passes for 1,117 yards and six touchdowns in 2019. The yardage total was the highest of any season in his career, and he also went 2-for-2 for 47 yards and a touchdown as a passer for good measure.

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According to two anonymous Pro Bowlers, Edelman probably should have been invited to the fun this week in Orlando.

The Athletic’s Greg Auman interviewed 32 Pro Bowlers for an anonymous survey this week, and one question asked the players to name the most underrated offensive player in the league. Two of the 32 named Edelman.

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In typical underrated fashion, the quote from the anonymous player failed to mention Edelman by name.

“What’s that receiver from the Patriots? Slot receiver?” the player asked.

Despite the apparent lack of name recognition, Edelman was one of just five players to receive multiple votes.

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In other Patriots-related results, Bill Belichick received just one vote from players asked which coach they’d most like to play for, and the Patriots also received one vote in the question about worst cities to travel to. Buffalo was the runaway winner in that category with 10 votes.