BOSTON (CBS) — Rob Gronkowski is throwing a big-time beach bash during Super Bowl week, and he wants all his friends to join him.

Roger Goodell is not one of those friends.

The former Patriots star made that clear in a new video promoting the party, in which he uses a Lombardi Trophy to pretend to talk on the phone with Julian Edelman, Tom Brady and even Bill Belichick to invite them to his party. But when pretend Goodell is on the other line, Gronk plays dumb.

“Hello? Oh, Roger man,” Gronk says into his fake phone, the smile quickly disappearing from his face. “What’s up, man? I am not having a party. I swear. All right. Yeah, no party. Take care.”

Boom roasted.

It’s unclear whether Gronkowski is holding on to some bitter feelings from the league’s treatment of Brady during DeflateGate, or whether Gronkowski is having trouble breaking free from the habit of trying to convince the commissioner that he’s not up to any trouble. Regardless, it’s fairly clear that Roger won’t find his name on the guest list if he tries to crash Gronk’s beach bash.


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