By Nick Emmons

BOSTON (CBS) — After their bombshell request to leave the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were officially released from their royal duties by Queen Elizabeth, who said she supports their wish for a more independent life. But a local expert said their departure might not help the couple achieve their goal of getting out of the spotlight.

“This life is going to continue to follow them,” said royal family expert Kelly Lynch. “It’s not a life that they can escape.”

Lynch is the managing editor of Daily Break, and has written about the royal family for years. She said this move by Meghan and Harry is going to be costly.

“It’s going to be very expensive. We’re talking in the millions of dollars,” Lynch said.

Last week, the couple announced they wanted to step down as senior royals. But because of this, they no longer are entitled to public funding.

“They’re going to have to pay for their own security. They’re going to have to pay for their own homes,” Lynch said.

Kelly Lynch, managing editor of Daily Break (WBZ-TV)

Some believe the duke and duchess could sign a book deal or become brand ambassadors, and Meghan could always go back into acting. But Lynch said all of that comes with scrutiny.

“They’re leaving the royal family because they can’t handle the spotlight. They can’t handle the scathing headlines that Meghan has been facing since she became a member of the royal family,” Lynch said. “They’re going to face criticism even though they are not even in the royal family anymore.”

The queen said the royal family’s hope is that Meghan and Harry build a happy and peaceful new life, but Lynch fears it will be anything but peaceful.

“I don’t see the benefit of them leaving the royal family to have a more private life,” Lynch said. “They are always going to be in the spotlight whether they like it or not.”

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  1. Dijin. says:

    I don’t think not being able to handle the spotlight is the real reason. Megan is an actress and is a public figure and had been on the spotlight. Harry had also been on the spotlight.

    Megan did not let of her manager and some former staff when she get married, that mean she does plan to go back to her old life.

    She please stop using she can stand spotlight or UK is racist ( which may or may not be true). I always feel that she was doing a grand act before and after she married Harry. Her facial experience was not very natural, it seems she was acting. The smile and eyes expression where very fake.

    But anyway, good for them to lead their own life. Whoever wants to walk in the shadow of his own brother? And why should Harry help his brother when he becomes king. He needs to find his own path in life. But I wish they will be more honest and stop blaming the media. Not everyone can be fooled. Had Meghan let go of his former staff before she get married, I would have believe the alibi. But the fact that she did not let them go means she has no plan to live within the UK royalty. I would not blame her. Why does she had to bend her knee in curtsy just because others where in higher royalty rank that her ? And then will always be under Kate. That would be hard for someone who grew up in US to live in a class system like UK.

    But that aside, it was said that lose their HRH title. So many fake news. They did not lost the HRH title. They were just told not to use it. But they were not strife of that title. Losing it and telling them not to use are two different.

    As usual the US media does not do research and just report fake news.

    Meghan, don’t use the press as an alibi. You could have done greater justice if you just said you want to find your path in life and does not believe in the class system of monarchy. Many would have applauded you instead of hate you.

  2. ECS says:

    Dijin, not everyone hates Meghan.

    You seem to know so much about the Royal Family but are not bringing up the glaring spot in their family of what happened to The Duke’s mother; chased and harassed, ultimately hurt by miserable people like the media to sell her pics and detrimental stories about the Princess, and by the miserable people who read those things to feel better about their boring, miserable lives—not much different from your own, it seems.

    What the Royals do with their time…helping others, charities, extracurricular activities, and building a family does NOT belong to the British people, or to either of their families, and most definitely not to the people in the media or to any citizen ANYWHERE. When you’re going to hurl an accusation against the Duchess of Sussex speak for yourself, leave out the other bitter lunatics to share their ignorant opinions, and for goodness sake understand that a GREATER amount of people are actually HAPPY for them. You know, those with lives of their own. Sorry, this won’t help you with your personal issues. Please find a better way to resolve that than by speaking so awfully of people you don’t even know.

    Dijin, don’t use the comment section of articles to attack a member of the Royal Family, especially one so loved by The Duke of Sussex and by Her Majesty The Queen.

    1. Jenalyn says:

      @ECS, I don’t see anywhere where Dijin is attacking the Royal family, it was more of an analysis of what of the situation is.

      And just so you know, new rules were implemented after Diana died. What happened to Diana border on harassment. And who is too blame for Diana tragedy?
      Wasn’t it the adulterous couple who is now next in line to the throne.

      Meghan, a public figure is used to media negativeness. It not something that is new to her. Actress in US are hounded by paparazzi, maybe far worse than UK since there is very little limit of what you can publish about a person unlike in UK.

      You are getting too emotional.

      Just so you know, there are many people over the world who do a lot of charity work but never get subsidized by the taxpayers in millions. They don’t even have securities. What the Royal families does belongs to the British people because they are subsidized by the taxpayer, and they are subsidized in millions. Elizabeth understand this that is why there are protocols implemented. The survival of the British monarchy depends very much on the public. Read some of the rules how monarchy can be abolished in the UK.

      You talk gibberish without understanding some facts.

      I think you are the one with anger issues. It seems your comments are full of anger that it did not make any sense.

    2. Pas says:

      @ECS, the point is not whether someone is happy or unhappy with Harry’s move.

      The point is they use the media and accuse the media of racism to cover a move that they probably want to do even before getting married. Other people get harmed when they are accused wrongfully. They was even accusations that The Firm did not support them.

      If they want to move and leave the Royal Family, just leave. Don’t go blaming others for it, especially if it is not believable. No one really care about why they are leaving. Just say that they want a private life and more avenue to earn more money. It may sound selfish to UK people, but that may be the truth and there is nothing wrong with that.

      People like you are why Harry and Meghan cannot just say they don’t want to live within the boundary of the UK royalty rule. Freedom is very important in life. So there is nothing wrong with them choosing their own path. No need to even give a reason, just leave quietly. They are the one who created all the dramas about them leaving buy complaining about this and that.

      The more reasons you give, the more you will be criticize.

  3. Helen says:

    I think it was actually Prince Harry who wanted out. He found it suffocating being part of the British royal establishment, and so he sought out a non-British wife so that she would provide him with a hook to a life outside of UK, and he chose someone who seemed to require protection, so that he could feel like he was a hero for leaving his family.

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