HUDSON (CBS) – The sick calls are pouring in at Mulready Elementary School in Hudson. The school has had dozens of absences in the past few days with all signs pointing to the flu.

“This flu season has been incredibly busy,” said Dr. Mallika Marshall. She says urgent care centers have been inundated with patients.

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“Chances are it’s going to be one of the busiest flu seasons we’ve seen in recent years,” Dr. Marshall said.

This week at Mulready started with around 90 absences. By Wednesday, 123 kids stayed home. About 40% of the school. On Thursday, 114 students were absent.

“If your children develop flu like symptoms, if they get a fever and a cough, but they’re otherwise doing OK, they’re staying hydrated, they’re not short of breath, stay at home,” Dr. Marshall said.

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In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, teachers and staff are cleaning everything at school.

The school says parents have also been very helpful in keeping kids home who may be sick, so the problem doesn’t get worse.

“The best way to protect your kids from getting sick is to make sure they are vaccinated,” Dr. Marshall said. “It is still not too late.”

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Doctors say getting the flu shot may not be 100% protection, but if you do end up getting the flu, the symptoms will be much milder.