BOSTON (CBS) – A Babson College professor who was suspended for a Facebook post about Iran has now been fired. Babson insisted that Asheen Phansey’s post on his personal Facebook page does not represent the values of the college.

Phansey called his post, which appeared to encourage Iran to choose 52 American sites as bombing targets, “a bad attempt at humor.”

Phansey deleted his post, but the school suspended the American born professor, who himself earned his MBA from Babson. The school announced Thursday afternoon he no longer works there.

“Babson College conducted a prompt and thorough investigation related to a post shared on a staff member’s personal Facebook page that does not represent the values and culture of the College,” the school said in a statement. “Based on the results of the investigation, the staff member is no longer a Babson College employee. As we have previously stated, Babson College condemns any type of threatening words and/or actions condoning violence and/or hate.”

Phansey released a statement Thursday evening: “I am disappointed and saddened that Babson has decided to abruptly terminate my 15-year relationship with the college just because people willfully misinterpreted a joke I made to my friends on Facebook. I would have hoped that Babson, an institution of higher education that I love and to which I have given a great deal, would have defended and supported my right to free speech. Beyond my own situation, I am really concerned about what this portends for our ability as Americans to engage in political discourse without presuming the worst about each other.”

On Wednesday night, Phansey apologized through his attorney, insisting his post was simply a bad joke.

“I am sorry that my sloppy humor was read as a threat,” he said.

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  1. Remember when says:

    In our times where terrorist acts are weekly events, there is no room for “simply a bad joke”.
    Hey, “You’re Fired!” NOT a joke.

    1. You’re not concerned of the erosion of your First Amendment? What happens to anyone can happen to you. This was on the man’s Facebook Profile. I’m curious why your public institutions need to uphold the Amendment, but your private schools do not.

  2. Roger M says:

    Your joke was NOT funny.

    1. It was in poor taste… And the man apologized. You really think it’s a good thing he was fired? You’ve never made an error in judgement? Glad I don’t know any of you commentators.

    2. These comments show me exactly why your nation is so inured in conflict. Judgement without compassion takes everyone down in the end. No, I don’t know Phansey, but I’m writing about the darker side of social media.

  3. Brian Egan says:

    Hey Prof Phansey—don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Stupid comment from a stupid man.

  4. Noelle says:

    if your idea of political discourse is encouraging terrorists to bomb a country, then you definitely shouldn’t be teaching impressionable young adults.

  5. Kd says:

    Too bad we couldn’t fire some of our politicians who try to back peddle their way out of rude, obnoxious, anti-American, and/or antisemitic comments. We call them out and they get a free pass with an insincere, phony apology. (Glad his ass is gone!)

  6. nni says:

    Glad he was fired!!

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