BOSTON (CBS) — It’s only January 6th and many of us have already broken our New Year’s resolutions, but some would argue instead of making a resolution once a year, we should do it once a week. It’s called the “Healthy Monday Reset.”

The Monday Campaigns is a non-profit health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse universities that dedicates the first day of every week to health.

They say instead of trying to make a behavioral change on the first of the year, think of Monday as the day you will remind yourself to make better choices.

For example, if you resolve to have vegetables for lunch every day and do it for only three days, no problem. Reflect back on what you did that helped, what you could do better — like planning your meals in advance — and try again the following Monday.

They say using Mondays as a day to start or re-attempt doing something can help you become a happy, healthier person.

Dr. Mallika Marshall


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