LEICESTER (CBS) – A falling tree missed a driver on Route 9 by mere moments on a windy Sunday. Leicester Police Department surveillance video captured the close call on camera.

“I just happen to look up and it came down it was like slow motion,” said Leicester Police Officer Derrick Ruth.

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Officer Ruth was taking a left out of the police station just before one Sunday afternoon. If he pulled out a few seconds earlier the tree would have hit his cruiser.

“I put my lights on immediately as soon as I saw it fall and there were a couple of cars that were just about to hit it as well,” said Officer Ruth.

A tree falling on Route 9 just barely missed a car. (Image credit: Leicester Police)

The incident happened mid-day when winds were gusting at more than 30 mph in town, according to National Weather Service reports.

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Video shows the tree starting to fall as a car approaches, and the driver just barely manages to avoid getting hit.

Police say the driver kept going and probably doesn’t realize the tree was falling.

“That was such a close call. If I were that person I’d run right into a store and pick up a lottery ticket because it was definitely his lucky day,” said Leicester Police Chief Kenneth Antanavica.

“Whoever the person it happened to maybe they can see it on camera now and be grateful someone was watching out for them,” said Susan Higgins.

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The tree closed Route 9 from the center of town to Main Street for a while on Sunday.