BOSTON (CBS) — Lamar Jackson has been doing a lot of damage with both his arm and his legs this season, and on Thursday night, he made some NFL history. Tom Brady took time to comment on that history — and issue a challenge to the dynamic Ravens quarterback.

Early in Baltimore’s victory over the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football, Jackson broke Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season. In addition to throwing five touchdowns in the win, Jackson ran for 86 yards, and is up to 1,103 rushing yards for the year.

Brady was watching attentively during Thursday night’s action, and after Jackson set the new record, he issued a little challenge for the quarterback. Brady challenged Jackson to a 40-yard dash on Twitter, though there’s a catch:

Lots of people would buy that pay-per-view, Tom. Lots. But chances are it won’t be happening, despite how hysterical of a visual it would be.

Asked about the potential race after Baltimore’s 42-21 win, Jackson had a little fun as well.

“He would probably win that race,” Jackson joked. “Tom’s still got a little bit in him. I’ve seen him.”

So maybe there’s a chance the two will engage in this little challenge after the season. Until then, we’ll have to settle for their battles on the football field.


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