By Kate Merrill

MILLBURY (CBS) – It Happens Here: Millbury. It’s where President William H. Taft spent many summer vacations as a young boy, even attending the public schools for a season.

In the 1970s, Millbury experienced a number of large fires. The town hall burned down, followed by the Union School. It was also one of the very first places to print postage stamps

These days, inside Mike Bellino’s small workshop you can find a ski lover’s dream, started in 1993 with one massive donation.

“A tractor trailer shows up with 25,000 skis,” Bellino explained. “That was the nest egg that started the company.”

Bellino, an avid skier, wanted to make some outdoor chairs for his dock, then for his friends. That’s when a Rossignol ski rep gave him thousands of old skis to help and was born.

The process is pretty simple; they make each chair from scratch. The chairs are such a hit, he quit his day job and custom makes thousands a year.

But it’s not just skis anymore.

“If you can turn it or swing it, we can make it into a chair,” Bellino said.

He has made chairs from snowboards, hockey sticks, and golf clubs. There are also tons of other gifts ideas for all kinds of sports lovers, like coat racks, bottle openers, and shot skis.

Even after 25 years, there really isn’t any competition, which keeps Mike busy building.

Kate Merrill


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